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Dameon Clarke

(Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2)

Eric Stuart

(Pokemon - Brock, Yu-Gi-Oh! - Seto Kaiba)

John Swasey

(Full Metal Panic! - Gates, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Gendo Ikari)

Chuck Huber

(Android 17 - Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Stein - Soul Eater)


(Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged series)

Marianne Miller

(Madoka Magica - Kyosuke Kamijo, Squid Girl - Yuta Matsumoto)

Lewis Lovhaug "Linkara"

(Atop the Fourth Wall)

Bennett White "The Sage"

(Video contributor and reviewer)


(DJ / Purveyor of Awesome Sounds)

Christina Goodin "Brokenneedles"

(Cosplay Guest)

Clever Disguises

(Cosplay Guest)


(Anime Historian / Commentator, Video Track Programmer)


(Singer, Songwriter, Voice Actor, Comedian, and Internet Personality Extraordinaire!)

09/17/14 - Mythicon 2014 Final Notes

Who is looking forward to this year's Mythicon?!

We have some amazing guests and events happening this year. Just a few notes to be aware for your preparations of the convention.

1) Registration is cash-only. There is an available ATM on site for your use if required.

2) There is a $7 parking fee. Registration will hold vouchers that is used to apply this discount. Otherwise, the hotel will charge $17, so be sure to grab a voucher early.

3) Those wishing to attend the Pokemon Party event is a separate ticket, unless you purchased a VIP pass. Which means, this must be purchased separately from your weekend/day pass purchase. This also means, if you only wish to attend this event, the Pokemon Party pass is the only pass required.

4) Our Video Game room this year is filled with different consoles, from old games like the N64 Goldeneye 007 to the recent Super Smash Bros Brawl to DDR machines. We have a bit of everything for everyone, but sorry, no LAN gaming this year.

5) Be sure to have fun. We have had a great time putting this year's event together for everyone and the guests/staff are ready to provide you with a great memorable time.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the convention.

09/14/14 - Ticket Deadline Today

Today is the last day to pre-register for Mythicon 2014! Skip out on those lines and save $5, by purchasing your badge today by 11:59pm Easten Time.

Weekend Passes will be available at the door for $45, so grab savings while you can.

09/09/14 - Volunteers and Panels Slots Available

Have you thought of Volunteering?

We are still looking for several volunteers to assist us at this year's event. The awesome thing about volunteering is the chance to get refunded on your Mythicon badge. By working a total of 10 hours over the weekend, you will be fully refunded for the badge you had purchased.

That's not all. By submitting panels, they qualify as 2 volunteer hours per panel. Several opportunities are available for you. If you are looking to volunteer or submit panels, go to and choose Mythicon 2014. You can then select volunteering or panels at the menu screen provided.

09/09/14 - Hotel Reservation Ends Today


Today is the last day to reserve your hotel room for Mythicon 2014! Room rates are available at $99/night. Reservations end at 11:59pm today, so be sure to reserve your so you don't miss out on any of this year's events.

09/06/14 - Tickets and Hotel Room Extension


Due to many requests, we have extended our weekend pass and vip pass sales until September 14th. This will be the final chance to grab your tickets before the con and save $5 dollar with the weekend pass. By pre-registering, you will be able to skip the line and just pick up your pass at our Pre-registration line.

Though it doesn't end there. Rooms are also available for reservation. The Doubletree has gladly opened up more rooms for you to reserve for this year's Mythicon, Rooms available are limited, so be sure to book your room soon since this offer is only limited until September 9th at 11:59pm.

09/04/14 - AMV Contest Deadline

Less than one week remains to submit your entries for the Mythicon 2014 AMV Contest. Awards will be given in multiple categories, including Action, Comedy, Drama, and Best in Show (depending on videos submitted). Contest rules and submission guidelines/instructions can be found at

The deadline for submissions is this Sunday, September 7, 2014, with the contest scheduled for Sunday, September 21st at 3 PM. See you there!

09/03/14 - Ticket Deadline


This Friday (9-5-14) is the deadline to pre-register for weekend passes for this year's Mythicon. Tickets are available now for $40, a $5 saving from the at-the-door price. Be sure to grab your tickets early for this year's event. You don't want to miss out on all the fun.

08/25/14 - Mythicon 2014 Room Reservation Deadline

Have you reserved your room for Mythicon yet?!

If not, you better hurry soon as August 26th, 2014 will be the final day to reserve a room for this year's event. There is many fun event and great guests coming this year, so no point in missing any of the action.

Rooms are $99/night with free wifi included in each room. Best thing is you don't have to pay now. Just reserving the room guarantees you a room and a resting place for this year's event.

To reserve your room, just follow the reservation link located on our webpage:

We look forward to seeing you there.

08/09/14 - AMV Deadline Reminder

 There is less than a month left before the AMV Contest deadline. Be sure to submit your entries for the Mythicon 2014 AMV Contest to win some great prizes. Awards will be given in multiple categories, including Action, Comedy, Drama, and Best in Show (depending on videos submitted).

Contest rules and submission guidelines/instructions can be found at The contest is scheduled to be held Sunday, September 21st at 3 PM. See you there!

06/18/14 - Third Ticket Tier Ends June 22nd


We are less than 5 days away from the completion of the third tier of tickets. What does that mean? Tickets will move to its next tier and the price for the weekend pass will be $40. But there is still time. Until the end of Sunday(6/22/14), Weekend Passes can be bought at $37 a pass. That is an $8 saving to the at-the-door price of $45. So don't miss out on the savings and grab your pass to Mythicon.

05/27/14 - Mythicon 2014 Audition Information

 Have you ever wanted to participate in stage shows? How about learning stage combat as great anime, video game, and comic book characters? If you answered yes, then do we have the shows for you. We have many great things planned for this year's shows, but to make them happen we need your help. We have many characters that requires volunteers to bring to life. If you have the desire to make new friends, learn new skills in action or stage combat, or want to know the extent or your capabilities, then come and audition. All are welcome!! ^_^

Auditions will take place on May 31st, June 1st and June 14th, 2014. The auditions will be located at Red Bug Lake Park, which is located at 3600 Red Bug Lake Rd, Casselberry FL 32707. Auditions will take place at 10am and 2pm on each of the selected days. If you are to arrive late to one of the sessions, you are to wait on the following audition session.

To RSVP, please click on the following

For more information on auditions, please click the following link:

We hope to see you there.

05/02/14 - Christina Goodin Will Be Attending Mythicon


We have several contests lined up for this year’s Mythicon. One of the contest is of the Mythicon Costume Contest. To help us run a great contest and judge all of your amazing costumes, we have Christina Goodin a.k.a Brokenneedles Cosplay as this year’s Mythicon cosplay guest.

Christina Goodin has been on the cosplay scene since 2003, attending conventions all across the state. With over ten years of costuming experience under her belt, she has competed in dozens of costume contests, taking home prizes such as "Best Technical Costume", "Best Prop", and even "Best Individual Costume". With over 50 costumes under her belt, she has cosplayed from video games such as the Final Fantasy series, online MMO's like World of Warcraft, anime series such as Loveless, and Disney in various traditional forms, as well as original designs. In her free time, Christina takes part in local theater and convention show. She is a Florida local with dedication to the blossoming anime and cosplay scene.

04/15/14 - Linkara Will Be Attending Mythicon 2014


We did promise you all more guests and there are more to come.

You might recognize this particular guest. If you were unable to attend Mythicon 2013, then this might be your chance to catch up with another great internet celebrity. You might recognize from his work on Atop the Fourth Wall and his work on the History of Power Rangers. We are glad to announce that Lewis Lovhaug a.k.a Linkara will be returning to Mythicon 2014.

There are few in the world who can be continually funny, insightful, and entertaining every week for four years. Unfortunately, Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug is not one of those few; he’s just some jerk who reviews comic books on the internet, despite everyone continually trying to remind him that nobody reads (or cares) about comic books anymore. Still, in spite of that, Linkara brings the people of the internet his weekly series “Atop the Fourth Wall,” where snarks and riffs on the worst that the world of sequential art has offered (and occasionally a good one here and there, but we think he just does that out of spite).

The show has also had the quote-unquote “honor” of being an online review show that features an ongoing storyline, where an overweight Minnesotan geek (playing five different people by himself) contends with evil robots, universe-spanning conquerors, and the occasional Eldritch abomination that stops by to devour the souls of all mankind. And he usually does this while playing with Power Rangers toys. Understandably, we fear for the guy’s sanity.
Speaking of Power Rangers, though, Linkara is also well known for his “History of Power Rangers” series that he releases once every time the planets are aligned or when the sun sets in the east. In it, he deconstructs the themes and character motivations of a children’s show that takes footage of men and women in spandex fighting against rubber-suited monsters as if anybody actually was thinking about that when the series was being made.
When he’s not busy overanalyzing shows for kids or raging against printed pictures that double as power fantasies, Linkara spends his time trying build cybermats from Doctor Who, an obsession he has had since a child that has probably earned him time in several mental hospitals. However, whenever he doesn’t feel like doing that, he dresses up in white facepaint and a tophat and showcases horror comic books in the series he runs in October called “Longbox of the Damned.”

We’re proud to have such a prolific internet “celebrity” to attend, if only because we can have him here in person so we can all mock and laugh at the weirdo, and he’ll take it anyway because his ego needs that much stroking.

If you missed his Atop the Fourth Wall Live Panel, last year, this is your chance. Be sure to grab your Mythicon tickets at the low price of $33.50. Ticket price will change this Sunday, so be sure to grab your tickets and get those savings.

04/14/14 - Bennett The Sage Will Be at Mythicon


If you thought we were done with guests, think again. With many areas like video games, anime, film and other genres for us to enjoy, there is one webstar who helps us reminisce on the good and the bad that there is. For all the fans for, we are proud to announce that Bennett the Sage will be attending Mythicon 2014.

Bennett "The Sage" White has been making videos for over six years, reviewing video games, and the anime of yesteryear. His bawdy sense of humor has garnered him praise, adulation, and more than a few colorfully worded pieces of hate mail. Always outrageous, sometimes thought-provoking, but never compromising, there's no one quite like The Sage.

04/09/14 - Mythicon Is Now Accepting Panels



So why not submit a panel for Mythicon?!

Mythicon is now accepting panels. Panels are a great way for the fans to communicate, entertain, educate or just have fun with our fellow fans. As well by doing a minimum of 5 panels will allow you to get a refund on your Mythicon pass. All you need to do is apply for a panel at under "Mythicon 2014". Once approved you may select your preferred time for your panels. So be sure to sign up before all the good spots are taken. 

03/14/14 - Eric Stuart Will Be Attending Mythicon 2014

We are glad to announce that Eric Stuart, the man behind the James and Brock from Pokemon and Seto Kaiba from YuGiOh! will be attending Mythicon this year!

Brooklyn born and raised singer/songwriter Eric Stuart is a special blend of talent. He has successfully combined the world of music, voice acting and directing for many years. Besides starring in hit shows including Pokémon (Brock, James) and Yu-Gi-Oh! (Seto Kaiba), Eric has toured with such rock legends as Peter Frampton, Ringo Starr, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jethro Tull, Chicago, Hall & Oates, Dave Mason, Julian Cope, Dave Davies, The Alarm, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, and Jeffrey Gaines.

The Eric Stuart Band released their latest album, Lipstick and Barbed Wire, in June 2013. This is their sixth full-length release on the indie label Widow’s Peak Records and it features Grammy winning guitarist Peter Frampton.

In the summer of 1997, Eric’s classic rock and roll style was noticed by Ringo Starr who invited him to open the Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band tour, featuring Peter Frampton, Jack Bruce (Cream), Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) and Simon Kirke (Bad Company). That exposure served as a springboard for Eric to open for the Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Paul Rodgers tour that same summer. Since then, Eric Stuart has been touring on a regular basis including two U.S. tours with Peter Frampton. In 2000, Frampton produced Eric’s next album, Blue, Dressed In Black, along with John Regan and Harvey Jay Goldberg.

Now living in Nashville, Eric’s songwriting talents have given him the opportunity to begin co-writing with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters. The band’s great live show of all original, guitar-driven rock/pop has made the Eric Stuart Band a must-see in the area.

Other projects in Eric’s impressive career are Viva Piñata, Ultimate Muscle, Dinosaur King, Kirby, Slayers, Chaotic, Sonic X, TMNT, GoGoRiki, One Piece, F-Zero, Magical DoReMi, Fighting Foodons, Shaman King, Descendants Of Darkness, Labyrinth Of Flames, Valkyrie Profile, Tama And Friends, and voicing many national radio and TV commercials and audiobook narrations. Eric also stays busy attending anime conventions as a VIP guest.

03/14/14 - Vendor Booths and Artist Tables Now Available


As of midnight, last night, vendor booths are artist tables are available for selecting. There is more space this year with a more convenient location for the vendor hall. That's right, the vendor hall will be located immediately at the entrance of the hotel and next to the hotel front counter and Mythicon's registration room. There are many options to choose from, so reserve your tables or booths today. You can view the layout through the website:

To reserve your booth and/or table, just log into and select Mythicon 2014 merchants section to reserve. Be sure to grab them while they are still available.

03/12/14 - Vendor and Artist Room Live Date Announcement


Mythicon's vendor room will be opening this Friday (3/14/14) at 12:00am. This year we have more space for everyone, which means more tables and booths. For all you vendors, booths will be a size of 10'X10'. As well as for all artists, tables will be located within this year's vendor room with a table size of 6'X2'6'. The Vendor's room will be located right outside the hotel's main lobby and next to both the Hotel front counter and Mythicon registration room.

You will be able to reserve your table and or booth via, so look forward to Friday at Midnight to get your pick of booth/table for this year's Mythicon!

03/12/14 - Hotel Room Bookings Available

Have you reserved your room for Mythicon yet?! Rooms are still available at the amazing Doubletree Resort by Seaworld. You can get your rooms for Mythicon for the price of $99/night. With free wi-fi and complimentary chocolate chip cookies at the front counter, don't miss out on a chance for a room and miss out on any of the action happening at this year's Mythicon. Parking is $7.00/night, so be sure to take that into consideration.

To reserve your rooms, either by phone or online, please follow the following link:

02/26/14 - John Swasey Will Be Attending Mythicon 2014

 It's that time again!! Time for another guest announcement for this year's Mythicon. Though who could it be? With a villain like Handsome Jack attending Mythicon, we need a Vault Hunter to assist us. You might recognize him as the voice of Salvador from Borderlands 2, Lord Death in Soul Eater and Gendo Ikari from Evangelion. We are pleased to announce that John Swasey will be attending Mythicon this year.

According to Anime News Network, John Swasey is the most prolific male voice actor in North America with more roles and titles under his belt than any other male VA. John started down the road of anime in 1997, when he landed his first role in Golden Boy from ADV Films. Since then, John has gone on to voice hundreds shows and characters with ADV Films, Funimation, and Illumitoons. Being more of the character actor type has given John the freedom to voice bazillions of characters such as Gendo in Evangelion, the Captain in Halo (VG), Lord Death in Soul Eater, Kogoro in Sgt. Frog, Huang in Darker than Black, Vulcan in Orphen, Ken in Kaleido Star, Captain Ahab in Hakugei The Legend of Moby Dick, Rikudoh in RahXephon, Karl Haushofer in Fullmetal Alchemist, Sir Crocodile in One Piece, Mister in Coyote Ragtime Show, as well as roles in the live action films 2009 Lost Memories, Conduct Zero, Yesterday, Jungle Juice, and the Gamera trilogy. In 2004, John jumped to the other side of the “mic” to direct. Some of the shows he has directed include Welcome to the N.H.K., AirGear, Wandaba Style, St. Seiya, Shadow Skill, E’s Otherwise, Michel, Jinki Extend and Shinobi (live action co-directed with longtime pal, Kyle Jones). John loves working in the world of anime as a director and voice actor! Recently, John voiced the evil villain, General Disdain in the animated feature, Last Flight of the Champion. In addition to anime, John has voiced thousands of radio and tv commercials – even a few films. But the coolest acting job was being the Beer Delivery Guy in Dazed and Confused.

Don't miss your chance on meeting John Swasey and the other great guests coming to Mythicon. Be sure to grab your tickets, while they are available and at the low price of $33.50.

02/03/14 - First Ticket Tier Change

Ticket price change! Yes, today is the final day before the first ticket tier change. You can get your tickets now for $30. Starting tomorrow, tickets will increase to $33.50. Be sure to grab your ticket(s) at this low price.

02/02/14 - Ticket Tier Change

Don't miss out! Tomorrow is the last day to purchase your weekend pass for the low price of $30. At the door prices are $45, so don't miss this amazing saving of $15. Tickets will increase to $33.50 starting Tuesday, so be sure to grab your tickets soon.

More Special Guests and News for Mythicon 2014 is to come. So stay tune.

01/22/14 - Final Weekend of Mythicon's Omni Auditions

Hey There! Want to be a part of Omni Expo?! Do you wish to join Mythicon on their stage show for Omni?! Well here’s the perfect opportunity for you. We still have one weekend of auditions remaining for our show, The Playground Chronicles, happening at Omni Expo. What does this mean? It means we are looking for dedicated volunteers to assist us with character roles to bring an amazing show to life in front of fans of same/similar interests. That’s not all, you will be able to come and learn new skills (like stage fighting, acting and vocal projection), or come to know skills you may not have known you had. No need to be shy to audition. The main thing we wish to see in everyone’s audition is passion to want to learn and dedication to come and participate. We have had much fun in the past with our show practices and wish to expand our family…So what do you say, are you interested? If so, follow the link below to join us at our event page.

Do you wish to join us, but can’t make it this weekend, no problem. Video auditions are available, just be sure to follow the guidelines specified. Guidelines are located on at the contests sections for Mythicon 2014.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We hope to see some new faces soon. ^_^

01/14/14 - Auditions For Playground Chronicles Is Slowly Upon Us

The time is almost here. What time you may ask? The time for the Mythicon Show Audition for Omni Expo. We are looking for dedicated individuals to come out and audition for our Mythicon Sponsored Show, The Playground Chronicles. Come and meet new people and maybe even learn some new skills along the way. Auditions start this weekend and end on the 26th. For more details or to RSVP, join us on our event page:

As for the character list and practice schedule, please refer to the show page:

We hope to see you there.

01/08/14 - The Playground Chronicles Auditions

Hey there, have you heard of Omni Expo?

Omni Expo is an upcoming technology expo providing great guests and events. But that's not all, this year a number of conventions have partnered up with Omni Expo to showcase each participating convention's events. Mythicon has partnered up with Omni Expo to showcase and inform on many of our events.

For this year's Omni Expo, we wish to introduce a new show called "The Playground Chronicles". In order to conduct this show, we would like all your help. We are looking for volunteers for the roles in show. No Experience? No Worries. As you audition, we mainly look for those who wish to learn and wish to have fun with great people with similar interests. Don't see a character to audition for? No Worries, there are still many other roles you may qualify for. So come on out to audition for our show for Omni Expo and have a great time learning new skills and meeting new people.

For Audition information, check out our event page:

For Information on The Playground Chronicles, check out our page:

For More Information on Omni Expo, you can visit their website at:

Be sure to RSVP and we hope to see many of you at our auditions.

12/31/13 - Happy New Year!

Here at Mythicon, we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

We have many things planned for Mythicon 2014. We have the return of our Movie Mixer Show. As well as LittleKuriboh and Marianne Miller make their return to this upcoming Mythicon. We have Dameon Clarke (best known as the voice of Cell from DBZ and Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2). We have more guests and more news to reveal for this upcoming year as we get closer to Mythicon 2014.

Tickets for Mythicon 2014 are available for purchase. We are currently offering 10 Lifetime Passes, which means with these, you will never have to pay for a Mythicon pass. That’s not all Weekend Passes are available at our lowest rate of $30 until February 3rd, 2014. Don’t miss out on your chance to get your weekend pass at this great discounted rate.

Last, but not least, this year we have partnered with our friends at Omni Expo. Many events our planned for this great event and we look forward to working with other fellow conventions. We have planned to host a show called “The Playground Chronicles” and we need your help. We are conducting open auditions for this show, as well as other event starting January 18th. For more information on the Playground Chronicles, please click the following link:

For more information on Omni Expo, please click here:

May everyone have a Happy New Year!

12/16/13 - Dameon Clarke Will be Attending Mythicon 2014

It's that time!! You've all been waiting and we are now ready to announce another wonderful guest for Mythicon 2014. This is another special treat as this guest will be making his first florida convention appearance. For all you Dragon Ball Z fans may recognize his voice as the voice of Cell. We can't forget his amazing performance as the villainous Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. Along with many roles in Anime, Video Game and Television appearances, such as Supernatural, we are proud to announce Dameon Clarke will be attending Mythicon 2014!!

Born in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Dameon Clarke has had a long and interesting career in acting. Starting at an early age, Dameon has played a variety of dynamic characters from family man to serial killer and has picked up several best actor awards along the way. Dameon is perhaps best known for his appearances in shows like “24″, “Castle”, “Supernatural” and “Prison Break” as well as films “I Love you Philip Morris” and “How to be a Serial Killer.” In addition to film and television roles, Dameon is known for his voiceover work in countless animated series and video games, notably Dragon Ball Z and Borderlands 2 as the villainous “Handsome Jack.”

11/29/13 - Black Friday Sale and Guest Announcement

I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving. Just a friendly reminder that today we are having our Black Friday Sale. What does that mean? It means you can get your Weekend Pass for Mythicon 2014 for the low time of $25. That's a $20 saving from the at-the-door cost.

As a special treat on this sale. We have 2 Special Guests to announce for you all. We are glad to welcome back Littlekuriboh and Marianne Miller back to Mythicon.

LittleKuriboh (AKA Martin Billany) is the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged series and the godfather of the abridged age. He has thus far produced no less than 56 episodes, a spinoff, a prequel, a christmas special and two movies, creating a cultural phenomenon in the anime world. In addition to playing nearly every character in his own series, he has made cameos in the Death Note, Naruto, Sonic X, Trinity Blood, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist and Sailor Moon abridged series.
With a mission to revitalize interest in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and make it more accessible to Joe Public, LittleKuriboh will continue the original abridged series providing us with priceless entertainment for many years to come.
All-round nice guy and community fan-favourite, he is also associated with TeamFourStar (the group behind Dragon Ball Z Abridged, for which he also supplies voices) and has made guest appearances on comic-book video review series Atop the Fourth Wall and more recently made a cameo in the 200th episode of The Nostalgia Critic.

Marianne very rarely stops talking, so when she realized that she could make money off of it, she immediately leapt at the chance to do so. Of course, just talking wasn't enough to get work in thevoiceover industry, so after many years in theatre (both musical andotherwise), Marianne got her first role in Fullmetal Alchemist and the Conquerer of Shamballa. Since then she has also received work as Kyosuke in Madoka Magica, Leta, Tula and Lido in Dragon Age: Warden's fall, Yuuno Scrya in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (and Lyrical Nanoha A's), Yuuta in Squid Girl, Anwar in Avalon code, as well as many others. One of her biggest projects coming out is a CGI adaptation of The Snow Queen, being released in theaters this Christmas--she voices Kai, the male lead.

11/25/13 - Mythicon Ticket Sales

 We have some amazing plans for this upcoming year of Mythicon and can’t wait to announce each of them. We will be announcing some of these awesome news (like Special Guests, Events, and other) starting next month.

However, we do have some news for you today. Tickets for Mythicon 2014 have gone on sale today. This year, we are offering a total of 10 Lifetime Passes for Mythicon. If you loved Mythicon last year and want your pass guaranteed each year, then this is the pass for you. You can purchase one of these amazing tickets for a total of $350. Receive all the perks of a VIP every year of Mythicon with the purchase of this Lifetime Pass. So grab yours while there are still available.

We have also started our Weekend Pass at the low price of $30. This will be available for a limited before it moves up into its next tear. Though the savings don’t end there, for this Black Friday we are offering a Special Deal. On November 29th,2014, Weekend Passes will be available for an even lower price of $25. That is a $20 savings from at the door cost. So be sure to grab your weekend pass while you can.

That’s all for now, look forward to more future announcements. ^_^

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